Imam Saadiq Saafir once said, “The aim of Humanitarian Day is to convert one day into a life’s mission.” Since Y2K, Humanitarian Day’s model of civic engagement has encouraged and enhanced the way organizations have provided direct services to the homeless in Los Angeles and nationwide. Humanitarian Day’s core values focus on human development and transformative leadership. The Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) is a social network that generates the resources to serve thousands with compassion, love and self-respect.

Humanitarian Day’s service model is a simple, grassroots strategy. Adaptability is one of its main features, enabling H-Day to be implemented additionally now in Indonesia and Africa. The direct service component rewards organizers with first-hand knowledge on how to best address the needs of the service population. However, the ultimate goal is employability and self-sufficiency through entrepreneurial training and project development. Humanitarian Day’s motto is “People helping People”. Our greatest investment is in the people we serve, training, empowering and creating key change-makers for uplifting humanity.