ILM Foundation (ILM) is proud to have “Celebrated over 18 Years of Serving the Community.” Our first ever event was called the “International Day for the Family.” It was held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, where over 10,000 participants gathered from all faiths and ethnicities to address the issues afflicting families globally. Through 2004-2007, ILM established a domestic advocacy for homelessness and expanded its international roots, by taking Humanitarian Day across the Atlantic Ocean to Accra, Ghana. The following year Humanitarian Day expanded into Indonesia, and then Ethiopia.

Over the last few years, ILM Foundation has strengthened and solidified its work domestically. We have built “civic-civil-academic” relationships by belonging to national and international social networks. Making ILM a key Los Angeles community partner that can inspire good will, globally. As a broker of social responsibility; we are concerned with the current of state of affairs regarding homelessness, leadership development, and interfaith dialogue. This is why we convert charity into advocacy, creating more awareness and policy for social justice. We justly navigate our work with mindfulness that will ensure continued support, of ILM’s work and ideals of social innovation.

“ILM Foundation’s mission is to teach life skills to economically underprivileged youth and adults so that social ills are replaced with opportunities for intellectual and economic empowerment.”

ILM’s service philosophy includes serving others indiscriminately without desiring anything in return. If the concept of sacrifice, of loving for others what you love for yourself are re-injected into communities we work, the devastating effects of holistic poverty can slowly be reversed.

Our focus is to, therefore, feed the Intellect, reach out with love and admonish ourselves and others with mercy. ILM is extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve and we pray that the Creator accepts our effort.

Director, ILM Foundation
501c3 Systems for Human Empowerment