Systems for Human Empowerment better known as Intellect Love Mercy (ILM) Foundation, has been serving the general public, since 1998.  Our first ever event was called the “International Day for the Family.” It was held then, at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Successfully we were able to mobilize over 10,000 attendees to address social ills that affects the global family, which led to our present local work.

ILM converts charity into Awareness-Advocacy-Action for educational events focused on homelessness and youth diversion strategies. Based in low income communities, where there is a need to empower and build the capacity of its local residents. Our flagship program is Humanitarian Day; where we organize and train interfaith communities to provide direct services (medical, dental, and hygienic care products) for homeless populations throughout Southern California.

Over the last few years, ILM Foundation has strengthened its domestic work. We have built a resourceful body of civic officials, business leaders, and social community agencies; making ILM a key community partner in Los Angeles that inspires good will and social change. Our work addresses the current conditions of homelessness, leadership development, and gentrification happening in urban areas. This is why we convert charity into awareness, for  an advocacy that creates actions for policy change. Intellect-Love-Mercy is a mindful approach that stimulates continued support, of ILM’s work, as we utilize tools of social innovation.

“ILM Foundation’s mission is to teach life skills to economically underprivileged youth and adults so that social ills are replaced with opportunities for intellectual and economic empowerment.”

ILM’s service philosophy is to serve indiscriminately without desiring anything in return. Our mantra is a simple ‘show of love for others, what you love for yourself” is what we apply to communities of color. Our objective is to strategically divert the effects of poverty, so we can slowly reverse its conditions with community and philanthropic support.

Our methodology of reaching people is through the application of Intellect-Love-Mercy. As we teach urban residents to have community accountability, so we can design new systems for human empowerment. ILM is extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve and we pray our efforts are accepted.

Director, ILM Foundation
Systems for Human Empowerment